Hand peelled, hand-crafted, scribe-fit log homes, log cabins, srubs in Belarus

Our company makes  construction of homes and saunas  from the logs of pine and spruce. The technology of production of the walls of our houses is based on the ancient traditions of the Slavic wooden architecture.We like our work, because wooden houses built by hand using the ancient technology are the best that a man came up with to live and enjoy the life. 

At the initial stage, the logs are handled manually, the bark is removed from them. Manual processing of logs allows you to keep intact the hardest part of the tree - sapwood, thanks to which log houses serve for centuries and better than houses from other materials store heat, and also create a unique, healthy atmosphere inside the house.

Before laying in the rows along the entire length of the log a groove with a width of 12-15 cm is made. The presence of a groove is necessary for a close fit of the logs to each other. For best sealing at the points of contact with the logs, the groove is filled with eco-friendly materials such as flax, moss or jute.

The corners of the house are connected in a way that is called "in a cup". This connection of the corners of the log house is considered one of the most reliable.

After the walls of the house are folded into the well, openings for windows and doors are cut in them. Due to the fact that the shrinkage of the log house lasts several years, so that the windows and doors frames are not crushed during shrinkage, they are made to slide along with the logs. This is achieved through the manufacture of slides such as a spike-groove. The construction is done manually and is the top of the carpenter's skill.

Within the framework of our page, we told you about the main stage of making a house from a solid log, one that is unique and requires a special skills, - the manufacture of walls.

The further construction of a log house is based on generally accepted norms and rules for the construction of residential buildings.

For our foreign clients, we provide the following services:

Type of service

Price, $/м3

Manufacture of a set for wall mounting  

We assemble the walls of the building, number the logs, then disassemble them and send the logs to the recipient. Assembling the building on site requires 3 workers and a crane. On special occasions, we arrange installation supervision.

* Logs  26 cm; Excluding transportation costs 


We design and build log homes in accordance with the individual needs of the customer. The cost of manufacturing of walls  we calculate upon request. Model projects

Our company is located in the picturesque forests of Vitebsk region in the north of Belarus. For the construction of  houses we use only selected timbers. We have real masters of their craft, we love our job and apply our experience to make dreames of our clients comes true.

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