When the nature itself coming in your house

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The unique properties of manually processed pine or spruce logs make life in wooden houses truly healthy and comfortable, nature itself seems to enter your home.

Logs of hundred-year-old trees, undamaged by artificial drying and dont split in parts, preserve those natural properties of the tree that make this material friendly to humans.

Log walls have the ability to filter the air entering and leaving the house, maintaining healthy humidity in the room, preventing the air from drying out.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), the fact that the tree strengthens the immune system has been scientifically established. And the German organization of technical research TUV, based on the analysis of the composition of air in wooden houses, recommends those for people suffering from allergies and asthma.

Also, due to that the log wall is convex, the area of contact with the air inside the house increases by 40% reflection of heat inside.

Log houses are better than any keep warm inside the house. A log with a diameter of 40 cm is an ideal heat insulator, the most best among other modern materials. Therefore, in the winter in the log houses it is warm for a long time, and in the summer we enjoy the coolness and freshness.

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